Tuesday, September 6, 2011

After Uptown Attacks, Women Vow to Fight Back

After Uptown Attacks, Women Vow to Fight Back

September 6, 2011 6:41am | By Carla Zanoni, DNAinfo Reporter/Producer


INWOOD — The alleged rape of a woman by an off-duty cop has left the people of northern Manhattan shaken.

But it's also left lnwood residents determind to learn how to fight back.

Just two weeks after the attack, more than 50 local women packed a free self-defense class less than a block away from where the rape allegedly happened.

“I’m fed up, and I’m not going to let this frighten me anymore,” said one woman attending the class who asked to remain anonymous. “This is my neighborhood, my home, nobody is going to take that away from me.” 

DNAinfo was invited to attend the session, but was asked to not show any of the participant’s faces in photographs to protect the women’s privacy. All women interviewed asked to keep their last names private.

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