Tuesday, September 6, 2011

African-American - News

African-American - News September 6, 2011

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In battle to break color barrier, WWII Marine victorious (Nelson County Times)
W.E. Clark III did not have a long career in the military - he was drafted into the Marines in 1945 after the fighting in World War II, and was out in late 1946.

Our failed education system (LaGrange Daily News)
Whenever Americans are polled on what they consider the most critical issues facing the country, the top five are consistently the same; only the rankings change.

Markers illustrate overlooked stories (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
The state of Georgia has spent about $5 million the past 60 years on more than 900 Civil War historical markers.


Oregon sees surge in Latino home ownership (Statesman Journal)
A decade ago, Oregon's black and Latino populations shared a bleak distinction: They had the lowest homeownership rates in the state.

Raleigh festival shares joy of African arts
Raleigh festival shares joy of African arts (Triangle)
A cacophony of drums and musical shakers reverberated down Fayetteville Street on Sunday as children and adults tried their hand at music.

Black gay men have edge in likeability (Penis News And Research)
An experiment by University of Toronto psychologists showed that subjects rated white straight men as more likable than white gay men, while for black men, the situation was reversed.

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