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African-American - News

African-American - News April 10, 2011

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Lubbock residents, historians share Civil War lessons
Lubbock residents, historians share Civil War lessons (Lubbock Avalanche)
Isaac Alexander Boyd fought with the 6th Mississippi Infantry in the battles of Shiloh, Vicksburg, Atlanta, Franklin and Nashville during the Civil War.

A movie about redistricting shot in Roanoke - in 1922 (Roanoke Times)
Black film pioneer Oscar Micheaux foresaw the advent of black majority congressional districts in a film he shot in Roanoke in 1922.

Attack On UN Staff In Afghanistan (opinion-maker)
No one can ever appreciate the attack on UN staff members serving in Afghanistan as UN staff was always there to facilitate the aggrieved masses. It was an unfortunate that innocent lives have been taken during the attack. No community can declare the same as a justified move. But one thing which has to be kept in mind that why the Muslims world over have come out for protests. It was the fanatic Terry Jone's dirty resolve to set ablaze The Quran. It seems even advanced societies are behaving so radical that they are not prepared to honor each other religions. The societies where one can't hurt any individual's self esteem and even staring at someone is considered a crime how comes that a Terry Jones can take so big a decision which has now instigated the Muslims all over the world to come out to the streets to protest the same. This was the only objective which Terry would have been interested to achieve. He wanted to hurt the feeling of the Muslims and to bring them to the streets chanting slogans against Zionists and the super powers which failed to show power to stop a stingy Terry.

General David Petraeus Tipped To Take Over CIA (
This summer it will be musical chairs among President Barack Obama's national security team. Leon Panetta, the CIA Director, is widely expected to take over from Bob Gates as Pentagon chief. General David Petraeus, who is said to be exhausted and eager to leave Afghanistan, is being tipped by NPR as a serious contender for Panetta's job. According to Tom Ricks, Lieutenant General John Allen of the US Marine Corps, a Gertrude Bell aficionado, will take over from Petraeus as ISAF commander in Kabul. It wouldn't be unusual for a military officer to take over at Langley but Petraeus – known to some as King David – has no specialist intelligence background, though he's certainly spent plenty of time as an intelligence consumer. And intelligence has been a crucial element of the campaigns he has directed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Obama Gets His Groove Back By Attacking Africans (rense)
President Obama promised "change" to the people who voted for him. He told them to hope again and that change would come. But President Obama's change is really more of the same. Therefore, his elixir that was sold to the world was nothing more than snake oil. The most damage, of course, is being done to those whose dreams were intricately woven into his words, not realizing that words are not policy. In a most deadly treachery, those who believed in our President the most are the ones who are now suffering and dying the most. I do believe that Henry Kissinger was onto something when he marveled at the tremendous good will that this President has around the world and I do believe that Henry Kissinger, among others, sought to use that good will for their own purposes. After all, when you buy a President, like a slave, he becomes yours. It is clear now, that the people of the United States did not buy this President and so they do not own him. There are clear winners from the policies currently being pursued, but they are not the people. Speaking of Henry Kissinger, let me just say this about him and his minions: When I was in the Congress, I received a phone call from Alassane Ouattara from aboard Henry Kissinger's yacht. I had received many such calls from people wanting to benefit from my good reputation within the human rights and peace community in the United States and they wanted me to sell their particular potion of iniquity to people inside the United States and to the world. Usually, these people were the kind of people accustomed to buying the consciences of public persons, so my "no" resounded rather sharply to them, and I earned yet another set of crosshairs on my forehead, I guess.

GOP Lawyer Drafts Obama Impeachment (politico)
A prominent libertarian constitutional lawyer and civil libertarian has drafted an article of impeachment against President Obama over his attack on Libya , throwing down a legal gauntlet that could be picked up by some Congressional Republicans Bruce Fein, a former Reagan administration official in the Department of Justice and chairman of ...

Fall of Roman Empire caused by 'Contagion Of Homosexuality' (
A prominent Italian historian has claimed that the Roman Empire collapsed because a "contagion of homosexuality and effeminacy" made it easy pickings for barbarian hordes, sparking a furious row. Roberto De Mattei, 63, the deputy head of the country's National Research Council, claimed that the empire was fatally weakened after conquering Carthage, which he described as "a paradise for homosexuals". The remarks prompted angry calls for his resignation, with critics saying his comments were homophobic, offensive and unbecoming of his position.

Federal Reserve Board Crime Syndicate Now Threatening Japan (benjaminfulford.typepad)
As the United States Corporate government heads for bankruptcy, the oligarchs running it are now threatening to attack Japan with space-based "star wars" weaponry put into orbit during the Reagan era. The threats came in the form of e-mails entitled "HAARP will not be silent." This came after the HAARP facility in Alaska went offline. The blue lights seen during the April 7th earthquake that hit Miyagi prefecture may be a sign the weapons are already being used. Other warnings indicate April 11 or 411 may be a likely day of attack. Do you think there could be truth to this or conspiracy theory speculation?

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