Thursday, March 21, 2013


WE HAVE A BUDGET! Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders finalized a two-year budget agreement that includes tax cuts, a family tax credit, a tax extension on high-income individuals and a minimum wage hike:


* Gov. Cuomo changed his position on the need to ban the sale of larger bullet clips, saying that gun dealers would still be allowed to sell magazines that hold up to 10 bullets, after the new state gun laws would have banned gun clips holding more than 7 bullets, The Buffalo News writes:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned that New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's plan to install an Inspector General to have oversight of the NYPD could force a spike in crime to the levels of the 1970s or '80s, The New York Post writes:


A second New York City police officer testified in court that he believed police faced retaliation if they did not meet monthly arrest quotas for arrests, tickets, and stop-and-frisk activity, and claimed that he was made an outcast after complaining to Internal Affairs, the Journal writes:

Authorities say that it is standard procedure for police to let those charged with marijuana possession to drive away if they were found to not be under the influence, as was the case with Assemblyman Steve Katz, The Journal News writes:

The Times-Union urges Assemblyman Steve Katz to reconsider his opposition to a medical marijuana bill in the wake of his arrest for marijuana possession, which showed that he uses the drug for recreational purposes:

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