Saturday, September 15, 2012

When Chattel Slavery Ended, Neo-Slavery Started

When Chattel Slavery Ended, Neo-Slavery Started

By Malik Al-Arkam

White America did not end chattel slavery in 1865 because it loved or respected oppressed Blacks. The Civil War was not fought to liberate slaves; it was fought to preserve a government which has always been owned and controlled by wealthy Caucasians. When obsolete chattel slavery ended, neo-slavery started and it continues to this day in 2012. So-called freed Negroes were not granted their Human Rights (the rights to their original language, original culture and original religion). Nor did they receive the land, equipment and money necessary to elevate themselves in a brutal capitalist system. Soon after the passage of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, whites lynched many Blacks for attempting to vote. Right now Caucasian America's nefarious government is systematically eradicating the masses of Blacks and Browns through educational ethnocide, ghetto implosions, mass incarceration and bio-chemical warfare. She is implementing "The Final Solution" to her centuries-old race problem.
Today we the awakened Afrodescendants are demanding both Human Rights and Reparations for all 250 million slave descendants throughout the western hemisphere, regardless of whether they speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, French or Creole. We now have our own Constitution, our own executive branch, legislative branch and judicial branch. We deserve our own territory outside of the rapidly falling USA and all the monies and equipment necessary to feed, clothe, shelter, educate, employ and medicate ourselves for the next 60 years. Please invite our first President, Ajani Mukarram, to speak about our quest for real justice at your church, mosque, college or corporation.
Peace Be Unto The Righteous,
Minister Malik Al-Arkam
M.A. In Political Science, Atlanta University 1981
B.A. Cum laude in Government, Harvard College 1971

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