Tuesday, July 31, 2012


MALCOLM ON THE MUDDLE: In an exclusive interview with City & State former State Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith weighs in on the rumors he's considering a bid for mayorand for the first time tells his side of the story about the coup that toppled him from powerthe AEG Aqueduct bidand the New Directions Development Corporationthe nonprofit he co-founded with Rep. Greg Meeks that has been dogged by allegations of wrongdoing: http://bit.ly/N73Sqd
* Gov. Andrew Cuomo dissuaded top State Police officials from using legal counsel during his 2008 inquiry into the agency when he was attorney generalbecause it looked like a presumption of guiltthe New York Times learns: http://nyti.ms/NFGaqa
* Cuomo will veto a bill requiring school districts to consider religion and "family background" when approving government-funded private school tuition for special education studentsthe Wall Street Journal reports: http://on.wsj.com/OG7T8x
* The bike share company expected to install 10000 renal bikes on city streets today is asking Citibank to shell out payments of $3.5 million in case the program is delayed until next spring and runs out of cashthe Post reports: http://nyp.st/N83jfU
* Aides to former Gov. David Paterson requested that State Police replace 10 to 15 white troopers in his security detail with black and Latino officers because they wanted an entourage that looked like their bossthe Times discovers: http://nyti.ms/Pi2DnP
* The city is losing high numbers of the best teachers because it isn't doing enough to retain and reward themaccording to a new studythe Post writes: http://nyp.st/N83wzG
* New York's tough gun laws are not preventing more than 7000 illegal guns purchased from other states from winding up on city streets of themaccording to a federal analysis released yesterdaythe Post notes: http://nyp.st/QbkC3u
* Democratic challenger Simcha Felder alleges that state Sen. David Storobin's nominating petitions contain the name of a woman who died several years agoin a lawsuitthe Post writes: http://nyp.st/QbxeYd
* Columbia University will receive $15 million in financial help from New York City to help double its engineering school by 2030a consolation prize for losing a competition to build a tech campus at Roosevelt Islandthe Times reports: http://nyti.ms/MPjwfb
* Assemblyman Steve Katz sent out a fundraising invitation headlined by Senate Majority leader Dean Skellos with "pistol and rifle shooting" receiving criticism from gun advocates and Skellos's cancellationthe Journal News reports: http://bit.ly/OgwpdR

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