Monday, April 30, 2012



* The New York Racing Association knowingly withheld millions of dollars owed to bettors at three racetracks despite its claim that the failure to increase payouts was inadvertent, the New York Times reports:

* Gov. Andrew Cuomo could endorse Ray Kelly if he runs for New York City mayor but plans to stay mum during the Democratic primary and then consider the winner's positions, says the Post's Fred Dicker:

* Hundreds of staffers in the state Senate and Assembly only work part time but still get full-time pay and benefits, including several six-figure staffers to Sen. Dean Skelos and the Senate Republicans, the Daily News' Ken Lovett notes:

* The NYPD and targeted companies are bracing for Occupy Wall Street's May Day protests, an effort to shut down the city that is also a test of the movement's strength, the Wall Street Journal reports:

* Two schools just blocks apart in the South Bronx were similar on many measures but one earned an F and the other an A in the city's report cards, an example of how the grading system is "imprecise and arbitrary," the Times writes:

* Twenty-two people who were arrested while demonstrating against the NYPD's stop-and-frisk policy last October plan to repeat their complaints when they go on trial today, the Associated Press reports:

* The new 1 World Trade Center skyscraper is expected to become New York City's tallest building today, surpassing the Empire State Building with the installation of a steel column on its 100th floor, the Times reports:


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