Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday (April 8)
Easter was probably the earliest of the church's annual festivals; it was fused with elements of pagan spring festivals celebrating new life. Folk customs attached to the festival date from pre-Christian times. Eggs, traditionally forbidden during Lent, symbolize new life. The Easter Bunny recalls the hare, the Egyptian symbol of fertility. Easter may have derived its name from the Saxon goddess Eostre, whose feast was celebrated each spring at about this time, or it may have come from the word oster, meaning "rising."

See how Easter is calculated—and the dates of Easter next year.

If the egg you are eating on Easter morning has two yolks in it, you'll have lots of money the rest of the year.

If someone offers you an Easter egg, take it, or you will harm your friendship with that person.

The Sun dances on Easter morn.
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