Friday, February 10, 2012

African-American - News

African-American - News February 10, 2012


Black Chicago Teachers Accuse City School System Of Racism
Black Chicago Teachers Accuse City School System Of Racism (WTLC-AM Indianapolis)
The Chicago Teachers Union has accused the Chicago Public Schools system of racism.A On Wednesday, the Teachers Union filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission office, alleging that while 29 percent of the CPS system teachers were African American, 43 percent of those teachers were subject to a massive 2011 layoff spree.

Obama: Whites can effectively represent blacks (WTAG-AM Paxton)
Barack in July of 2001 discussing whether a white Chicago Alderman, who represent a large African-American district, should be allowed into the Black Caucus.

Dallas ISD girls excluded from field trip to see movie about Tuskegee Airmen (Dallas Morning News)
The Dallas school district took about 5,700 fifth-grade boys this morning to see a new movie about African-American fighter pilots in World War II, but female students were excluded.

Black High School Basketball Players Mocked With Banana Suits, Monkey Chants (WTLC-AM Indianapolis)
Pittsburgh Brentwood High School officials are in hot water for allegedly allowing three students to run on to the court during half-time in full-bodied banana suits, mocking the other team who is mostly African American, according to Yahoo News .

Making history: Joanne Griffith's 'Redefining Black Power' project comes to the Bay (SFBG Politics Blog)
"Joanne [Griffith]'s work is centered on one theme: not to offer information as a point of journalistic fact, but to act as a conduit for debate and conversation, especially around issues relating to the African Diaspora experience." So writes Brian Shazor, director of the Pacifica Radio Archives, in the foreward to Griffith's new book Redefining ... (more)

CSULB reaches out to churches to recruit African-American students (Press-Telegram)
Hoping to attract more ethnic diversity, California State University officials will again visit more than 100 predominantly black churches across the state.

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