Friday, January 27, 2012


WINNERS AND LOSERS: It's nice when the state publishes maps to help figure out this week's winners and losers. But redistricting wasn't the only news—just ask NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly:

REDISTRICTING PLAN SHORTCHANGES CITY VOTERS: The proposed Senate districts unveiled yesterday systematically under-represent New York City voters and over-represent upstate voters:


* Redistricting maps protect Senate Republicans' stronghold in Long Island by breaking up Hispanic neighborhoods in Suffolk County and African-American ones in Nassau, the Wall Street Journal reports:

* A venerable law firm, Chadbourne & Parke, is close to signing a deal to relocate to 1 World Trade Center, joining Condé Nast Publications as another prime tenant in the new building, the New York Times reports:

* Mayor Michael Bloomberg and a key union leader said the investigation into city Comptroller John Liu's fundraising complicates the effort to revamp the city's pension boards, the Wall Street Journal says:

* A struggling public school in SoHo is likely to lose federal grant money that was helping it improve, since the Bloomberg administration assumed it was improving on its own, the Times reports:

* In an attempt to get his party on the ballot for the upcoming presidential race in November, Rent Is Too Damn High Party leader Jimmy McMillan wants a recount of the 2010 gubernatorial election, the Daily News notes:

* Sources say the Manhattan District Attorney's Office doubts it can prove the rape case against local TV anchor Greg Kelly, in part because of the lag between the alleged attack and the reporting of it, the Post reports:  

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