Wednesday, January 25, 2012



* In his State of the Union last night, President Barack Obama named Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to head a special unit that would investigate and prosecute mortgage fraud, the Huffington Post reports:

* NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly acknowledged cooperating with filmmakers in a graphic documentary portraying U.S. Muslims in a harsh light, though he now regrets it, the New York Times reports:

* For $50,000, corporate donors can sit with Gov. Andrew Cuomo at his Democratic governors fundraiser, which contrasts with his push to limit campaign contributions, the Times says:

* GOP presidential hopefuls are gearing up for New York's April primary, as the unsettled field could make the state unexpectedly relevant, the Times Union reports:

* A new report ranks New York 13th among the nation for its efforts to improve teacher quality, giving it a C rating, up from a D-plus two years ago, the Associated Press reports:

* Senate Republicans are proposing the first Asian-majority district in Flushing, Queens, and an Orthodox Jewish-majority district in Borough Park in Brooklyn, the Daily News writes:

* Transport Workers Union head John Samuelson said he wouldn't rule out a subway strike in the union's negotiations with the MTA, the Post reports:

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