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Fw: PR: New Book Tackles Teen Dating Violence

January 25, 2012

Miriam Glover



Dallas, TX ( -- "The Designer's Daughter is much more than just another teen book," says Trenette Wilson, author, teen expert and founder and CEO of, an award winning online resource and community promoting etiquette training and teaching, including dating etiquette skills, primarily targeting teens of color.

The Designer's Daughter tackles the issue of teen domestic abuse head on telling a riveting story of a young girl who makes unhealthy relationship choices and quickly finds her life spiraling out of control. The novel's official release is timed to coincide with National Teen Dating Violence Prevention and Awareness Month in February.

"Teen domestic abuse is reaching epidemic proportions," says Ms. Wilson. "In fact, within the African American community there has been a consistent rise of violence against young girls in a dating relationship and it's happening at an alarmingly younger age," says Ms. Wilson.

Although a dramatic statement, Ms. Wilson has the stats to back it up: The number one killer of African-American women ages 15 to 34 is homicide at the hands of a current or former intimate partner, according to African Voices Against Violence, Tufts University. Also, a recent study of eighth and ninth graders showed that 25 percent of students indicated they had been victims of dating violence, including eight percent who disclosed being sexually abused. Study results provided by Vangie A. Foshee of the Safe Date Project.

"We feel passionately that we can have a profound effect on the decision making process of these youth and we are challenging adults, mentors and caregivers to purchase and donate this novel to a teen girl," says Ms. Wilson. "By donating a book to a teen girl, we open the door to begin the discussion that might very well lead a girl out of an abusive relationship."

Not satisfied with just bringing attention to the issue of teen dating violence, and its parent company, NAUEP (National Association of Urban Etiquette Professionals- an urban etiquette industry leader), has developed additional resources, including the novel's stage play and the "Just Me and You... Teen Dating Etiquette" Tour.

"We have developed resources that connect with every aspect of the teen - the play draws them in visually, the novel engages their minds and the teen tour gives them an opportunity to join in the discussion," says Ms. Wilson. "It is only through a coordinated effort can we truly affect change. We've got to help our teenagers make healthier lifestyle choices."

The Designer's Daughter novel is part of the "Buy a Book, Give a Book" campaign, where individuals, organizations and others purchase a book to donate to schools and domestic abuse shelters and programs. and NAUEP both welcome partnerships and sponsorships.

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