Friday, December 30, 2011



* The chief executive of the Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, a troubled Brooklyn hospital, was abruptly dismissed less than a month after a task force set up by Gov. Andrew Cuomo outlined a reorganization plan in the borough, the New York Times reports. A member of Cuomo's task force has now taken over day-to-day operations:

* The Asian-American Legal Defense and Education Fund has launched a lawsuit on behalf of four Asian voters, who say the current redistricting process has left them disenfranchised, the News writes:

* The owners of 1,500 office towers in New York City are preparing for a possible strike by 22,000 members of 32 BJ, the building service workers union, at midnight on Saturday, the Times says:

* Mayor Michael Bloomberg acknowledged that the underground museum at the World Trade Center site will not open on time because of a financial dispute, according to the Associated Press:

* Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance has launched a concerted effort to crack down on Internet crime, the Wall Street Journal reports:

* During its first year, the Cuomo administration has not focused on ramping up the state's use of DNA evidence, and has shied away from issuing pardons. But given Cuomo's strong credentials on the issues, insiders say that's likely to change over the next year, writes Jim Dwyer in the Times:

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