Thursday, December 29, 2011



* Fourteen Muslim leaders are planning to boycott an interfaith breakfast with Mayor Michael Bloomberg over concerns about police surveillance of Muslims by the NYPD, according to the New York Times:

* The city's Department of Education has failed to collect tens of millions of dollars in Medicaid reimbursements for services provided to special needs students in recent years, the Times reports:

* The pro-Cuomo Committee to Save New York is pushing the legalization of casino gambling in a recent ad blitz, but not everyone involved with the group considers it a top priority, the Wall Street Journal writes:

* Following its eviction from Academy Park, Occupy Albany is now taking its efforts to resume the protests to federal court, the Times Union reports:

* Lt. Gov. Bob Duffy, the former mayor of Rochester, is steering clear of a heated debate there over the future of mayoral control of schools, the Democrat and Chronicle writes:

* The Cuomo administration is considering eliminating $10 million in Medicaid funding for a hormone growth treatment sometimes taken by kids who are trying to get taller, but have no medical reason to get the treatment, the Post says:

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