Friday, December 2, 2011

African-American - News

African-American - News December 2, 2011


Obama On AIDS: 'We Can Beat This Disease'
Obama On AIDS: 'We Can Beat This Disease' (WTLC-AM Indianapolis)
President Obama pledged to help 6 million people in countries hardest hit by HIV, by helping to provide greater access to antiretroviral drugs by the end of 2013 during a World AIDS Day event in Washington, The Daily Beast reports .

OnScreen Summit 2011: Cain Interview to Kickoff BET's 2012 Election Coverage (Broadcasting & Cable)
BET will ramp up its coverage of the 2012 Presidential elections with an interview with besieged Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain that's expected to air within the week, BET CEO Debra Lee announced Thursday in New York.

Bounce TV, 1st free broadcast TV network in US aimed at blacks, adds Philadelphia market (The Winnipeg Free Press)
The nation's first free broadcast network aimed at African-American audiences is now on the air in Philadelphia, the nation's fourth-largest media market.

Black-Americans Prefer To Be Called Black Rather Than African-American (Examiner)
Unbeknownst to many, Blacks in America struggle to "gain footing" and adopt a solid identity in America.

Rev. Al Sharpton: Black Wealth Is Disappearing Along With Jobs (Silicon Alley Insider)
Rev. Al Sharpton certainly isn't one of the more demure civil rights activists in the country, but the man does know how to prove a point.

Watch This Video (Fox 23)
The holiday season makes it tougher for people to manage their diet; however, it's more important now than ever for diabetics.

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