Wednesday, November 16, 2011


This is Sumumba from OWS (OUTREACH), below are some guides for November 17th day of action....if you have any question please call me at 646-778-6766.


On November 17, 3 PM, the National DAY OF ACTION, people will gather at subway hubs in all boroughs and head together to Foley Square. We need people to bottomline each of these hubs!
In all five boroughs, dozens of people at 8 main transport hubs will gather at 3:00 PM to listen to a singular story from one of our hardest-hit and most inspirational neighbors. Then they will lead their neighbors to join tens of thousands as we reclaim our democracy! They will take their own stories to the trains, using the "People's Mic". They will rise up from the underground to join thousands of others gathered in the light of day, at Foley Square, just across from City Hall.
How are they going to tell their story? And how will they get from point A to point B? Maybe you'd like to make that happen!
There will be 3 people bottomlining each hub - a contact at a local organization, and two people from OWS. The OWS bottomliners will do the following:
*Pick up flyers (and if possible a little food from Kitchen) downtown, to distribute at 3:00 and on the subway.
*Show up at 2:00 and greet the main storyteller of the day. Give them an introduction to using the 'People's Mic' - I.e. Only use 4 words at a time, wait for people to finish echoing before starting the next phrase, etc.
*At 3:00, after those gathered hear this person's story, give people gathered a brief intro to using the People's Mic on the train.
*Ask people if they have stories to tell on the trains. If not, give them some paper to write on (maybe just the backs of the flyers), and take 15 minutes to jot some ideas.
*Walk people over to the trains, and assure that the area you leave behind is clean.
Main Hubs:
Bronx: Fordham Rd; and 3rd Ave/138th
Brooklyn: Broadway Junction; and Borough Hall
Queens: Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Ave; and Jamaica Center Parsons Archer 
Manhattan: 125th St; and Union Square
Staten Island: St George/Staten Island Ferry
*Make sure everyone gets on and off the train together. Make sure flyers are handed out on the train-ride there. Assure that the People's Mic is working on the train by designating a human mic at each end of the train.
*Lead people off the train to the march at Foley Square.

That's it, plain and simple!


All power to the people

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