Friday, November 18, 2011

African-American - News

African-American - News November 18, 2011



Dr. Robert D. Bullard: Justice For Our Children
Dr. Robert D. Bullard: Justice For Our Children (Mgyerman)
This was the rhetorical question posed by Dr. Robert D. Bullard during a recent phone interview that I had with him.

African Americans and fight against diabetes (The Toledo Journal)
Diabetes is a killing disease in the African American community, but a disease that may be controlled, according to Dr.

Syphilis rates drop, but STDs still big problem (Philadelphia's WB 17)
The number of Americans newly infected with syphilis has fallen for the first time in a decade, but sexually transmitted diseases continue to take a staggering toll on the United States, with 19 million new infections each year at a cost of $17 billion annually.

Syphilis rates drop, but STDs still big problem (Canada)
While people aged 15 to 24 make up just a quarter of the sexually experienced population in the United States, they represent nearly half of all new infections.

Confessions Of A Black Albino (WTLC-AM Indianapolis)
He excelled at school, gained a degree in political science followed by a Masters, and now works as a budget and policy analyst for the State of Michigan.

Panel faults judge's membership in segregated club (Boston)
A panel of federal judges said Thursday that a bankruptcy judge's membership in a Nashville, Tenn., country club that has no women or blacks as full-fledged members violates the judiciary's code of ethics.

Tyler Perry Doesn't Care About His Fans
Tyler Perry Doesn't Care About His Fans (Science Library Pad)
In her song "Best Thing I Never Had" Beyonc sings, "You showed your a-- and I, I saw the real you." For some reason this line kept coming to me as I read Tyler Perry's letter to his fans , basically dismissing their concerns over his choice to cast Kim Kardashian in his latest movie, The Marriage Counselor.

Hurricane Katrina novel among U.S. Book award-winners (CBC News)
The U.S. National Book Awards ceremony, held just blocks from the Occupy Wall Street protests, was a gilded tribute to the 99 percent.

Gov. Cuomo must not balance N.Y.'s budgetA on the backs of unemployed young peopleA (New York Daily News)
This line for an Atlanta job fair in August is all too typical of the mass unemployment affecting young African-Americans. G ov.

4 Reason You're Not Landing the Job (Black Enterprise)
With an unemployment rate remaining high - at a more than 16% for African Americans - the market is undeniably a tough one.

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