Friday, November 11, 2011

African-American - News

African-American - News November 11, 2011


African weaving unwrapped
African weaving unwrapped (Journalgazette)
Kente is the name of a fabric and it is the name of a fashion, but its significance goes far beyond the simple definitions of either of those words.

Gay Slurs, Al Sharpton and Double Standards (FrontPage Magazine)
Director Brett Ratner was recently forced to resign as producer of the Oscars after using a gay slur.

Black Voters Group Files Redistricting Lawsuit (CBS Local)
A group representing black voters has filed a civil rights lawsuit in hopes of changing Maryland's recently approved congressional map for the next 10 years.

Chicago Latino aldermen want more City Council seats (WGN-TV Chicago)
The leader of the Chicago City Council 's Latino Caucus said today that four more wards should have Latino supermajorities, an announcement that came as the council nears a deadline for redrawing the city's wards.

How African-Americans Can Get Healthy With Big Helpings Of Soul Food (National Public Radio)
Not at all, says a group of culinary historians, nutritionists and health experts who've put together the Oldways African Heritage Diet Pyramid , a new model for healthful eating designed specifically for African-Americans and descendants of Africans everywhere.

Kevan Hall On Why Fashion Matters In Tough Times (National Public Radio)
If you pay attention to the Emmys and Academy Awards, then you've probably seen those glamorous, haute couture gowns made by Kevan Hall.

Is It Time To End Women's, African-American, Etc. Sections In Book Stores?
Is It Time To End Women's, African-American, Etc. Sections In Book Stores? (ThinkProgress)
Pursuant to our discussion about fantasy earlier this week, Salon has an interesting piece on N.K. Jemisin and David Anthony Durham, fantasy, race, and class.

Just Like Atlanta: Charlotte Now an African-American, Democrat-Run City, Chamber, Banks Lose Control (John Locke Foundation)
The Charlotte Observer got it wrong again. Republicans weren't the big losers in the Charlotte City Council races yesterday, as they reported.

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