Monday, October 3, 2011

African-American - News

African-American - News October 3, 2011

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Depresstion in gay and bisexual black men
Depresstion in gay and bisexual black men (PsyWeb)
Black, gay and bisexual men who face harassment, discrimination and negative feelings about their homosexuality often experience mental health disorders, depression and anxiety according to a new study.

'Like It Is' is history, and end of an era in TV (New York Daily News)
'Like It It' has covered the achievements and assassination of Black Muslim leader Malcolm X, seen here at a London Airport in 1965, in a number of documentaries and show segments.

Charleston singers keep spiritual, oral traditions alive (KTXL-TV Sacramento)
At an historic African American Episcopal Church in Charleston, the Mt. Zion Spiritual Singers keep alive a century-old tradition -- singing unpublished Negro spirituals passed down orally and accompanied only by hand clapping and foot stomping.

$1.6M grant will study breast cancer in African-American women (MyCentralJersey)
Compared to Caucasian women, African-American women are more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer at a younger age and at a later stage, and have more aggressive features associated with poor prognosis.

Raising Cain
Raising Cain (The Weekly Standard)
Both President Obama and Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain went to graduate school

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