Saturday, September 24, 2011

A New Black-Owned Vegan Cosmetics Line


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( - My Delight Cosmetics just launched their all natural, vegan cosmetics line. To celebrate the launch, the company is giving away FREE lip moisturizer samples to the first 200 visitors Use promo code BNW4. Promotion lasts for two days on Thursday, September 22nd & Friday, September 23rd. My Delight Cosmetics offers a full line of products includingfoundations, lipsticks and mascara; each made from all natural ingredients.


The My Delight Cosmetics concept was developed when the company owner experienced an allergic reaction to chemicals found in the over-the-counter makeup products she had been using for years. Initially thinking that the reaction was a one-time occurrence, she tried another brand. The result was alarmingly; another allergic reaction. To avoid future allergic reactions, she began to search for natural cosmetics options at popular retailers. To her avail, she was unable to find suitable, all natural options to replace her current product line. Upon the realization that she was among a growing population of women in search of naturalcosmetics, she decided to satisfy the need by launching her own brand.


"We are really excited to bring to market all natural cosmetics. It is important that women can enhance their natural beauty without compromising their health," said Kim Jones, Product Development Manager for My Delight Cosmetics.


The foundation of the company's entire cosmetics line is to enhance the natural beauty women already possess, using natural products as their platform. The company doesn't hide behind 'false' beauty presented by many competitors in their advertisements. My Delight Cosmetics proudly presents 'real women' of ALL shapes, sizes, ages and skin tones modeling their cosmetic line online. The company's underlying goal is make the 'every' women more beautiful.


My Delight Cosmetics doesn't ignore the diversity of women's skin tones. "When we were choosing colors for our foundations, we were very mindful of all skin tones and we were also considerate of the various undertones as well", said Jones. As a result, the company's product line offers colors appealing to the full spectrum of women.


Women can browse online, using their convenient shopping options to check out once they have selected products. Customers won't have to register in order to complete a purchase and can choose from a variety of payment options, including credit cards or the convenience of Paypal.


To learn more about My Delight Cosmetics, and to take advantage of their FREE lip moisturizer offer, visit 
Use promo code BNW4. Promotion lasts for two days on Thursday, September 22nd & Friday, September 23rd.

About My Delight Cosmetics
My Delight Cosmetics offers a full line of all natural, vegan cosmetics, to women of all skin types and tones. Each product was designed for real women, by women to enhance their natural beauty.


For more information, please visit or visit them on Facebook



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