Monday, August 1, 2011

African-American - News

African-American - News August 1, 2011

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Scientists discover gene that raises risk of asthma in African Americans (The Daily Herald)
U.S. Researchers have discovered a genetic mutation unique to African Americans that could help explain why blacks are so susceptible to asthma.

Manassas African American festival highlights diversity within culture
Manassas African American festival highlights diversity within culture (Journal Messenger)
In the span of 21 years, the Manassas African American Heritage Festival has gone from a small event that drew a few hundred visitors to an all-encompassing festival that now brings in thousands.

Retirements could open Iowa judiciary to diversity (Ankeny Press Citizen)
Nearly one in four of Iowa's trial-level judges will become eligible to retire with full pensions over the next five years, potentially opening the door for more women and minorities to join the state's mostly white and male judiciary.

Unlikely star: Teen crosses cultural lines, sings Chinese opera (Alexandria Daily Town Talk)
Tyler Thompson rehearses June 11 with the Great Wall Youth Orchestra in Oakland, Calif.

Phoebe Putney celebrates centennial (The Albany Herald)
On the afternoon of the grand opening of Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, ladies of the Hospital Aid Association conducted tours of the new facility.

Obama Faces Grumbling On The Left (New Hampshire Public Radio -)
President Obama may have lost a direct hand in the debt-limit negotiations, but some of his liberal base is still seething at the concessions he was willing to make to Republicans - especially Social Security and Medicare cuts that may yet be in the offing.

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