Monday, July 4, 2011

Jarabe de Palo, Ely Guerra, Novalima and Mr. Pauer


Date: July 6, 2011

Jarabe de Palo is a Latin rock group from Spain led by Pau Donés. With a sound that is characterized as a fusion of rock and blues with Latin American rhythms, the group is regarded as among the most original contemporary Spanish groups. With hit singles such as “La Flaca” and “Depende,” as well several successful albums, they have also had many international collaborations with artists such as The Pretenders and Italian superstar, Jovanotti.

Mexican songstress Ely Guerra is a staple of the Latin music scene, with a cadre of successful albums such as Lotofire and Sweet, Sour, Hot & Spicy under her belt. Her unique sound has successfully mesmerized audiences. In 2010, her Grammy winning album, Hombre Invisible was released to rave reviews, including The New York Times, which said her music is infused with “passion [that] is profound and all-consuming, a matter of ecstasy or desperate need.”

Since 2001, Novalima has been breaking down boundaries, uniting seemingly irreconcilable genres, communities and generations to create an inspiring movement that has revolutionized the music scene in their native Peru. By deftly blending traditional Afro-Peruvian music and modern DJ culture, Novalima searches for the common ground between past and future, between tradition and innovation. As a Latin Grammy nominee for Best Alternative Album, Novalima has garnered critical acclaim from both mainstream and underground media.

Toto Gonzalez is the DJ/Producer behind the project Mr. Pauer, which has gained global recognition for its “Electropico” beats on his latest release entitled, Soundtrack. Based in Miami for the past 18 yrs, he has been in charge of exposing the global beats to all the cities where he performs.

Start time: 7:00 pm

End time:

Contact phone: (212) 360-2777

Location: Rumsey Playfield (in Central Park)

Jarabe de Palo, Ely Guerra, Novalima and Mr. Pauer
Mon, 04 Jul 2011 04:00:03 GMT

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