Thursday, July 28, 2011

African-American - News

African-American - News July 28, 2011

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New Census Data Show Disparities (WVNS-TV)
According to data from the 2010 census, West Virginia males outnumbered females in every year of age from birth to 46.

Belafonte: Hollywood won't yield to those of color
Belafonte: Hollywood won't yield to those of color (Dayton Daily News)
Harry Belafonte says Hollywood has yet to explore the breadth of black experience and that the industry will "never ever yield to the needs of people of color." The 84-year-old entertainer made the remarks at a presentation on artists and activism held Wednesday during the 102nd annual National Association for the Advancement of Colored People's ...

High school student alleges racial bias in valedictorian choice (WTTV Indianapolis)
A black high school valedictorian says in a federal lawsuit that her school discriminated against her when they made her share the stage with a white "co-valedictorian" who had a lower grade point average.

NAACP urges minorities to up vote in 2012 (Salon)
The NAACP plans a big push to increase minority turnout in the 2012 elections, hoping to gain political influence and turn back what the civil rights group says are efforts in various states to deny minorities the right to vote.

What It Means To Be 'Black In Latin America'
What It Means To Be 'Black In Latin America' (National Public Radio)
Between 1502 and 1866, 11.2 million Africans disembarked from slave ships in the New World during the Middle Passage.

Fight for gay marriage subject of new doc (EDGE)
Out filmmaker Thomas Allen Harris was stunned to learn of State Representative Byron Rushing's leadership role in the fight for and the passage of the Massachusetts same sex marriage equality legislation.

Republicans turn back redistricting challenges (Windsock)
The state Senate on Monday approved a new congressional political map and both the Senate and the House adopted their own legislative plans.

Black teen's unusual talent: Singing Chinese opera
Black teen's unusual talent: Singing Chinese opera (St. Augustine Record)
Tyler Thompson is an unlikely star in the world of Chinese opera. The black teenager from Oakland has captivated audiences in the U.S. And China with his ability to sing pitch-perfect Mandarin and perform the ancient Chinese art form.

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