Thursday, July 21, 2011

African-American - News

African-American - News July 21, 2011

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"Let Your Motto Be Resistance: African American Portraits" (WTVR Richmond)
Where can you find photographs of Frederick Douglas, Sojourner Truth , Jackie Robinson , Lena Horne , Mohammed Ali, Sammy Davis , jr., Harry Belafonte , Nat king Cole and many more African Americans all in one the Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia.

Sheila Jackson Lee, President Obama, and that tired old racism card (Washington Times)
Last Friday, speaking on the House Floor, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee offered a somewhat predictable, but less than original theory as to why Congress is making President Obama's job difficult regarding the debt ceiling expansion.

Former Wis. VA Official Faces Discrimination Suits (WMTV Madison)
A former secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs faces three federal lawsuits accusing him of discriminating against white employees.

Detailed Genetic Map for African Americans Finally Constructed (WMAL-AM Washington)
Almost every genetic map built to date has been developed from people of European ancestry, and thereby all research based on such maps is inherently biased in favor of identifying disease-causing genetic variations associated with this population.

Civil War 150 Photo Exhibit: Freedom, Sacrifice, Memory
Civil War 150 Photo Exhibit: Freedom, Sacrifice, Memory (Carolina Beaches)
It is called a brother's war, and nowhere was that more true than in North Carolina.A The American Civil War claimed more lives than any military engagement undertaken by this country.

Jerry Ragovoy obituary (Guardian Unlimited)
Jerry Ragovoy, who has died aged 80 from complications following a stroke, was the songwriter behind some of the best-loved ballads of the 1960s, including Time Is On My Side, a hit for the Rolling Stones , and Piece of My Heart, which became Janis Joplin 's signature song.

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