Thursday, June 2, 2011

Harlem's 1st Grow Your Own Organic Produce Seminar, June 4

Harlem's 1st Grow Your Own Organic Produce Seminar, June 4

Grow Your Own Organic Produce
In your window box, terrace, backyard, community garden

Harlem's 1st Comprehensive Growing Seminar
Saturday, June 4, 2PM-7PM
At Harlem's Muhammad Mosque No. 7
106-8 West 127th St/Malcolm X Blvd.
Admission $5 Adults, $3 Youth.
For Information Call 646-670-7949

Attendees will be versed in why its critical for New Yorkers
To look at growing some fresh vegetables in their home surroundings.
Most important, they will be shown how easy it is with the right
Methods. By utiliizing compost, an individual can grow beautiful
Produce, chemical-free.

In addition, there are immediate business opportunities and jobs in growing
Sprouts. Gardening and farming are therapeutic activities for children and
Adults. And, youth can learn multiple sciences in growing food for personal
Consumption and business development.

Seminar is conducted by recent graduates of
Growing Power, Inc, a non-profit farming operation
Headed by Will Allen in Milwaukee, Wisc.
Upon graduating from Growing Power, the certified
Growers are pledged to take their knowledge back
To the communities. This is their first effort.
For information Call 646-670-7949

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