Wednesday, June 1, 2011

African-American - News

African-American - News June 1, 2011

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Veaseys Congressional plan
Veaseys Congressional plan (Houston Chronicle)
We didn't get a Congressional map from the Senate Redistricting Committee, though we may now get one in a special session but that didn't stop State Rep.

Cuomo's poison-pill peril (New York Post)
Let's hope Gov. Cuomo was paying attention when pro-charter-school activists rallied in Harlem last week -- because underlying their message was a fact he needs to take to heart.

Martin Luther King's daughter leaves Atlanta megachurch (WTTV Indianapolis)
Bernice King, the daughter of the late civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., has left a suburban Atlanta megachurch that has been at the center of a recent sex controversy, and plans to start her own ministry.

Health Alert! Vitamin D Lack In Blacks Linked To Multiple Sclerosis
Health Alert! Vitamin D Lack In Blacks Linked To Multiple Sclerosis (WTLC-AM Indianapolis)
A recent study has confirmed a link between vitamin D deficiency and multiple sclerosis in African-Americans. This study was engineered to confirm the link between low vitamin D levels in black subjects and the prevalence and severity of MS, controlling for other factors such as climate.

Your BISD...Today! Preliminary TAKS spreadsheets and Calvin Walker's MLK moment (The Beaumont Enterprise)
In case you were actually doing a little vacationing over the long holiday weekend, we decided to hold this until y'all were back at work.

R&B Sensation Jagged Edge Talks Love, Black Women and Good Music on New Album - The Remedy' (The Afro American Newspaper)
Jagged Edge members Brandon, Kyle, Brian and Wingo. Timeless, soulful, classic and simply "good music" is what Grammy-nominated Jagged Edge has delivered for more than a decade.

Cleveland remembers black Civil War veterans (WXIX-TV Cincinnati)
People in Cleveland have honored scores of black men who served in the Civil War and then were largely forgotten.

Churches preaching stroke prevention (Journal Gazette)
On its website, New Joshua Missionary Baptist Church in southeast Fort Wayne calls itself a place where 'life is conquered and the enemy is defeated.' Kizzie Williams, wife of the church's associate minister Paul Williams, also wants church members to conquer high blood pressure and defeat strokes.

African American Downtown Festival honors Ann Arbor's history
African American Downtown Festival honors Ann Arbor's history (Ann Arbor)
Crowds take in the attractions at last year's African American Downtown Festival.

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