Friday, May 6, 2011

African-American - News

African-American - News May 6, 2011

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PhotoBlog: Activists want slur off gravestones (MSNBC)
Time has weathered the 36 concrete gravestones in a dusty, half-century-old cemetery tucked away in a corner of California's former gold fields.

Missouri GOP, African-Americans kill Russ Carnahan's seat.
Missouri GOP, African-Americans kill Russ Carnahan's seat. (RedState)
This could very well be the prettiest redistricting map that you're going to see this cycle : You see, Missouri is in an interesting place where the state is: losing a Congressional seat; just coming off an election cycle where they flipped a seat to the GOP ; and in possession of an almost veto-proof Republican legislature.A So, Missouri ...

'Jumping the Broom': It's like a Madea movie, only classier (Detroit Free Press)
'Jumping the Broom' is like a Tyler Perry movie with polish. The ensemble comedy is about a wedding involving a bride from a family of wealthy African-American professionals and a groom from a family of working-class Brooklynites.

Commissioner threatens to pull school system funding (Anson Record)
Anson County Schools Superintendent Dr. Greg Firn responded Wednesday to concerns voiced by county commissioners at their meeting Tuesday night.

What 'Situation Room Photo' Reveals About Us
What 'Situation Room Photo' Reveals About Us (FOXReno)
By now, the photo is a classic. It's become the most viewed image on the online site Flickr -- a mesmerizing picture that suggests as much as it reveals.

European misadventures rock a young mana s world in a Passing Strangea (Boston Globe)
Musicals - and coming-of-age stories, for that matter - either grab you or they don't. With its playful humor and the general ebullience of its sizzling ensemble, the New Repertory Theatre production of "Passing Strange'' grabbed me.

Black men's voices are foremost in the play Testimony. (Pittsburgh City Paper)
The people behind the August Wilson Center for African American Culture's Uprise: Raising Black Men Project believe it can do that and more.

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