Monday, May 2, 2011

African-American - News

African-American - News May 2, 2011

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Work is plentiful for black engineers
Work is plentiful for black engineers (Columbus Dispatch)
Elizabeth Arowolo, an electrical-engineering graduate student from the University of Florida, attends a career fair during the National Society of Black Engineers convention in St.

The Most Racist Election in American History (Examiner)
The Civil War severely weakened the Democratic Party. The party controlled the Old South and was blamed for the war and bloodshed.

Dyson: Trump propagating "racism by inference" (KPIC-TV Roseburg)
Prominent African-American academic Michael Eric Dyson on Sunday accused Donald Trump of propagating "racism by inference," and said his recent questioning of President Obama's background was "shameful" and "sad." Trump has in recent months earned both attention and criticism for pushing "birther"-inspired claims that the president may not have ...

White Man's Lies (pantherslodge)
Native American decor is in. Eddie Bauer sells Indian sheets and towels. Nearly every American home has Indian kitsch in it somewhere. I ran into a woman at the airport completely decked out in Indian designs. Dreamcatcher earrings, plains choker, Navajo bracelet, fringed dress, moccasins, the whole bit. How strange, I thought. I know fullbloods who don't even own a feather. What are Indians? No one is quite sure. Everybody has an opinion. It's like the lady who said she didn't know what art was but would recognize it when she saw it. There's a mystique about Indians—and for good reasons. In 1995 they dedicated the Museum of American Indian Art in New York City. It was an event fraught with irony. They put the loot in the Alexander Hamilton Customs House on the tip of Manhattan and threw a cocktail party. All the literati and gliterati came to see what kind of bargains a collector named Heye had made off with over the years. I had to wonder what made those things Indian. They didn't belong to us anymore. They weren't being used. Few if any had been passed in the Indian way or properly compensated for. I later met a woman in Philadelphia who choked on her Chablis when she saw her grandmother's moccasins in a display case. Hollywood vilifies us one moment and idolizes us the next. Our history is written for us, and anthropologists have decided we are Mongoloids. Our spirituality is appropriated by well-meaning kooks. After defining us out of existence, the government counts coup on the ghost dancers. The freest people in the world are turned into a cartoon character in a cabinet. Who else but Indians could vanish by overrunning a place?

Kid Rock To Receive Award From NAACP At Cobo (WILX-TV Lansing)
Temp: 60.0 F Wind Chill: 58 F Font Size: Musician Kid Rock will be honored during the Detroit NAACP branch's annual Fight for Freedom Fund dinner at Cobo Center.

Will Durst: Birther Bozos Need a New Nose (The Summit County Journal)
Goaded into action by a nattering of numbskulls, Barack Obama finally released the long form of his certificate of live birth from the state of Hawaii, and hopefully threw the last shovel of dirt onto this inception nonsense; but the suspicion is, no, probably not.

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