Thursday, April 21, 2011

Harlem - News

Harlem - News April 21, 2011

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Harlem farmers in a parking pickle
Harlem farmers in a parking pickle (New York City's Hometown Newspaper - ...)
Twice a week, Sonya Simmons sleeps in her Mitsubishi Montero waiting for a parking spot for farmer's market she hosts on W. 145th St.

Tackling recidivism: They all come home (The Economist)
JEN KWONG NG was released in June after serving 20 years in a prison in upstate New York.

Maggie Burnett's Remarkable Garden (RealEstateJournal)
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Talking Trash, Organically
Talking Trash, Organically (West Side Spirit)
Every day, Frances Mastrota takes a pile of food scraps and drops them in a bin in her backyard.

WaHi Exercise Enthusiast Says a Bench is All You Need for Fitness (DNAInfo)
As the weather warms, fitness enthusiasts begin the annual ritual of fighting over the last treadmill or weight bench at local gyms.

Robert Sietsema at Yi Lan Halal Restaurant; Lauren Shockey at Buvette (Village Voice)
This week in the Voice , Robert Sietsema uncovers the city's first true Muslim Chinese restaurant: Yi Lan Halal .


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