Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fw: PR: Book Offers "Manhood Training" To Black Men


Jeff Robertson
Tender Warrior Association


Jeff L. Robertson, author of "African American Authentic Manhood Training"
and founder of the Tender Warrior Association

Prince George's County, MD (BlackNews.com) -- In his newly released book entitled African American Authentic Manhood Training, author Jeff L. Robertson teaches and equips young men with life-skill principles that are vital to becoming authentic men of purpose. He also teaches them the vital role that forgiveness plays in building healthy relationships with family members, coworkers, classmates, friends, and the community at large.

In the book, African American men are trained to master the following three principles: 1) To be "tenderhearted" (compassionate), not "passive"; 2) To accept responsibility in every area of his life and does not blame others for his shortcomings. Initiate positive behavior in every situation; 3) To learn to respect ALL those in authority.

Mr. Robertson, who is the founder of the Tender Warrior Association - a non-profit outreach organization, is using his new book to raise funds to inspire, educate, and empower African American men. Based in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, the Tender Warrior Association holds bi-weekly meetings in the Prince George's County area for African American men to teach them about the five stages of authentic manhood and the characteristics associated with each of the five stages: (1) Boyhood (2) Adolescence (3) Manhood (4) Mentor (5) Patriarch.

The organization also sponsors free trips to New York City, for young men to tour Wall Street and learn about economic development and financial empowerment.

For a small donation of only $9.95 to the organization, individuals can receive a FREE electronic copy of the book African American Authentic Manhood Training.

For more details, visit www.tenderwarriorjr.org


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